An overview of what touchONE has to offer

What can be managed


Booking solution for more effective and safe workplace usage in real-time

  • Cost effective solution - workplace identified by QR code label without any hardware
  • For more comfort - some workplaces can be equipped with a button or touch-screen workplace interface
  • Desk reservation from touchONE-assist reservation application or from Outlook
  • Live workplace presence detection with reservation software
  • Statistics for more efficient desk usage

Meeting rooms

Reserve meeting rooms with reservation panels, presence detection, and people counting

  • Interactive reservation panels installed in front of the room
  • Modern slim design, aluminum enclosure
  • Room status indication
  • Reservation, finish, or extend the event and other functions
  • Simple digital signage functionality
  • Various sensor types incl. people counting supported
  • People presence indicated on reservation panel
  • Monitor room utilization to make better planning

Parking spaces & other resources

Book all your favorite resources through a simple application

  • The touchONE-assist reservation application is ready for various types of resources
  • All-day planning incl. parking space, office phone booths & meeting boxes, lockers, and other resources reservation
  • Customizable properties and filters for each resource type allow for quick searches 
  • Other popular resources can be managed - fitness rooms, wellness, workshops, machinery, bikes, and many others


How does the touchONE ecosystem work

Mobile reservation application

Comfortable reservation through a mobile application

  • Personalized reservation of all types of resources
  • Interactive floor plans and filters for quick search
  • Resource management using a QR code
  • Available for all mobile platforms

Reservation application for web browser

Plan and reserve in a blink of an eye

  • Planning & reservation tool called touchONE-assist
  • Reserve, plan, and/or cancel reservations - all in one place
  • User login via Microsoft identity
  • Dashboard with user’s reservations

Reservations overview & interactive kiosk

Interactive access to all types of resources

  • Helps with orientation in buildings
  • Search for users, rooms, workplaces, and other resources by different criteria
  • Floor plans for better orientation and way-finding

Room control integration

Simple integration with room control system

  • Simplifies and automates the use of meeting rooms
  • Allows meeting management from a control panel
  • Automatically turns devices on and off depending on the room reservation status

Central management

System administration via the web interface

  • Whole-system administration
  • Intuitive front-end web user interface
  • Resources and users management
  • General setup and units configuration

Analytics & statistics

Understanding your space needs

  • Collects reservation data for more efficient meeting rooms, workplaces, and other resources usage
  • Helps you understand your space needs and decide on the optimization of workspaces