All software and hardware products that make up the touchONE ecosystem



Administration & analytics application

  • Tool for IT stuff and facility management
  • Intuitive front-end web user interface
  • Central management & whole-system administration
  • Calendar servers management
  • Resources and users management incl. an import from Active Directory
  • General setup and units configuration
  • Reservation data collection
  • Analytics & statistics - tool for better understanding your space needs
  • Analysis for more efficient space and resources usage
  • Built-in statistics data overview
  • Export for data visualization using Excel or Power BI
  • Server-side back-end required


For easy administration of reservation system units, these units are linked to a group called Reservation Suite. Units connected to the same Reservation Suite share their settings, e.g. if you need to change the user account password, you can just do it on one panel and all the other ones within the same reservation suite will adopt the change automatically.
During the administration, the entire reservation suite is centrally managed through the front-end application touchONE-admin running in a standard web browser. The touchONE-admin also has other features, such as analytics and room utilization statistics.

Front-end web application offers the following:
  • Reservation suite creation and setup
  • Manages a list of servers
  • Manages user and resource accounts
  • NFC card management
  • Manages a list of touchONE units connected to the reservation suite
  • Manages pictures incl. a company logo, background pictures, and pictures for info mode
  • Manages room support services incl. catering
  • Setting up the unit parameters - language, date and time format, etc.
  • Occupancy sensors management
  • Firmware upgrade
  • View the analytics of the resource usage
  • Resource statistic data export for usage in software such as Excel


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