Complete workspace management & resource scheduling ecosystem

The touchONE is complete multilingual workspace management & resource scheduling ecosystem.
This unified solution works for company workplaces, office phone booths & meeting boxes, boardrooms, conference rooms, lecture rooms, auditoriums, classrooms, universities, hotels, sports centers, and other meeting places as well as large corporate installations.

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Book any resource in three easy steps 

Make a reservation from anywhere

Scan a QR code


Used by businesses worldwide


Efficiency, comfort and carefreeness

  • Plug & play installation
  • No need for expert knowledge
  • User-friendly system
  • Ready to work 24/7
  • Assists with planning and plans realization
  • Fulfills all the security and safety needs
  • Brings comfort to a fast-paced life

Better orientation and awareness

  • No more unexpectedly occupied resources
  • Reservations made from anywhere, anytime
  • All can be checked or altered in a flash
  • Simplified orientation thanks to floorplans, overviews, and interactive kiosks
  • Intuitive filters help you find a perfect match
  • Overall relief of unnecessary extra worries

Data collecting and money-saving

  • Cautious, constant, and clever space management
  • Nonstop data capture
  • Possibility of immediate analysis
  • Stable and scalable system
  • Consequence deduction and application of changes made easy
  • Ability to manage from one to hundreds of sources
  • Realistic picture thanks to constant monitoring


What falls under the touchONE ecosystem

The ecosystem consists of three mutually cooperating systems. Each of these systems can also work autonomously.

Reservation application

Hardware components

Administration & analytics




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